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    Dear Dr. Quirno,

    It’s December 15th, the one year anniversary of my operation and, of course, I am thinking of you with tears in my eyes. It is a date I will never forget and can’t thank you enough for being there for me.

    I still remember (always will) waiting in my room for the operating room to open up so you could put me back together. It was a long wait. You were so patiently waiting downstairs! Then the word came. I struggled to get my contact lenses out and then was wheeled down to the prep room. And there you were in your operating garb! I can still see your face and hear your comforting reassuring voice explaining to me what was going to happen.

    I thought to myself….just let go, Dr. Quirno is here and before I knew I was gone…..took 6 hours of work with your skilled hands to put in those screws.

    Each day you would visit me in the hospital and it was the holiday season!

    Every time anyone asks me how my neck is, I gratefully respond …I was blessed to have a wonderful surgeon, Dr. Quirno, who performed my surgery. I am here because of him.

    On this day I had to write and speak to you to tell you how grateful I will always be to you. You are certainly a special man.

    May the joy and blessings of this season always surround you.

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