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  • I was fortunate to travel to Greenland each summer from 2010-13 to collect fluorescent minerals and was ticketed to go again in the summer of 2015 when the labrum of my left hip tore walking around my back yard. Shortly after is when I met you and in August of that year you repaired the tear. Fast forward to 2016 and I was ready to go again, only to have something similar happen on my right hip. Again, you performed your magic. Life intervened in 2017-18 as we relocated close to where our children and grandchildren live. But, in 2019, I finally made it back to the mountains of Greenland and celebrated my 74th birthday collecting fluorescent minerals with friends. Needless to say, it would never have been possible without you.

    Today in the time of Covid, my wife and I walk the neighborhoods and local parks here in Virginia. I don't expect to return to the mountains, but being able to walk anywhere is a blessing and I want to thank you for everything you've done for me. Thank you so much and God Bless.

    - H H -

  • I couldn’t recommend anyone other than Dr. Youm. It is because of him I regained total mobility of my hips. In 2015 I underwent labral repair and bone shaving on both hips just two months apart. I fully recovered and was back to running and dancing before I knew it. I had no pain.

    Recently I developed pain in my hips again, upon seeing Dr. Youm it was found that I had femoral acetabular impingement. I knew moving along with this surgery I was in good hands. I don’t trust anyone else. It is because of him I felt confident in this next surgery. Just two days ago I underwent my 3rd hip surgery where I received an allograft.

    While recovering I figured I’d write this. It is unfortunate we meet under these circumstances but there isn’t anyone else I’d want operating on me. Dr. Youm has operated on my mother, brother, and a few other family members. To say we trust him is an absolute understatement. I would highly recommend him.

    Thank you Dr. Youm for everything you’ve done for me!

    - Kristina -

  • I had Cam impingement surgery on my left hip by Dr. Youm, in September of 2018. Dr. Youm and his staff are very professional and attended to all my needs and questions. Before the surgery I would have pain in my left hip, lower left back and groin areas all day ever day. It is 5 months after my surgery and I have no where near the pain I had before the surgery. I am still in the heeling process and my left hip feels much better everyday. I am glad I went with DR. Youm for my surgery. If I had any other aliments that Dr. Youm specializes in I would pick him over any other Dr.

    - C L -

  • After years of increasing pain and reduced mobility in both shoulders I was refered to Dr. Youm. The doctor performed reverse Arthroplasty on both shoulders in 2018.The pain is gone and mobility in both is greatly improved. Dr. Youm, his staff and the staff N.Y.U. Langone were clear, caring and very efficient. This is a great choice for joint injuries or repair needs.

    - R C -

  • I've had three hip and two shoulder surgeries performed by Dr. Youm, the first being five years ago just after my 65th birthday and the most recent being one a week ago. Why have I returned to the same surgeon for all five instead of taking friends' advice and trying their surgeons whom they swear by? Easy answer: he's really good, effective and smart, not reactionary AND I trust him. The office staff is great, the hospital staff where the surgery is performed is good and the anesthesiologist are responsive; I get terrible nausea after surgery and they have either given me a epidural and or incapacitated the target surgery area. In other words, they listen and do their best to get me through the ordeal of being put under. Of course this time I had to endure feeling as though I had a link sausage hanging from my shoulder socket for about 12 hours but it was worth it to avoid having to go to the ER because of severe vomiting. Back to Dr. Youm, he gets me. He knows that I'm a type A who must play tennis to exhaustion on hard courts or carry heavy shopping up my five flights or run for every light or push push push myself beyond my physical limits. So with all due respect to my friends who insist on my trying their surgeons I say Nope. Not while I have Dr. Youm as my option.

    - T C -

  • Doctor Youm is a very reliable trustworthy doctor. He performed surgery on my hip over 8 years ago and I’ve been feeling great ever since. He is a very honest and helpful doctor and I only have positive experiences with him. I highly reccomend. Thank you Doctor Youm for your help and amazing follow up throughout the last 8 years.

    - Maria -

  • Dr. Youm performed stem cell therapy on my left shoulder and healed the biceps tear (“SLAP tear”) and minor rotator cuff tear in my left shoulder. I went from being in dire pain with limited mobility before the treatment and now I have full range of motion without pain. I thought Dr. Youm was upfront and thorough with the expectations and the process of the treatment. I would definitely consider stem cell treatment as an alternative to surgery and I felt I achieved about 98% of the strength back in my biceps and NO PAIN.

    - A G -

  • In my opinion Dr Youm is an excellent orthopedic surgeon. I had been to orthropods at Hospital for Special Surgery,Rothman Clinic and Geisinger of which none were able to help me. I was grateful he ordered another test and then proceeded to help me with surgery.....he even understood my anxiety through the whole process. I would recommend Dr Youm to anyone with Musculoskeletal problems.

    - M C -

  • For years I was unable to sit for more than 5 minutes w/o pain. After many different Dr. and Pt and MRsI Cat scans and x-rays, the pain progressively become worse, I suffered for years. I finely found Dr. Youm and after 5min and one more test he was able to diagnose the torn labrum in my left hip. He preformed a Hip Arthroscopy and I have been pain free for the last 4 years. I will always recommend him, I travel from LI to see him in Manhattan and always satisfied w/ my care. His office staff is very friendly and through. I wish more Doctors were like him. He always made me feel I was his most important patient in his pratice.

    - E H -

  • Dr Youm is a miracle worker. I had a torn labrum, tendon issues, and a multitude of other problems after being hit by a car. Not only did he make my hip better than before but he stuck with me through the long and arduous process that comes with insurance claims. He was able to explain to me exactly what surgery would be like, how my recovery would go and even before that he gave me options that would ease my pain that weren't a part of his practice . Dr Youm is absolutely the best and I couldn't have asked for a better doctor.

    - L T -