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    I've had three hip and two shoulder surgeries performed by Dr. Youm, the first being five years ago just after my 65th birthday and the most recent being one a week ago. Why have I returned to the same surgeon for all five instead of taking friends' advice and trying their surgeons whom they swear by? Easy answer: he's really good, effective and smart, not reactionary AND I trust him. The office staff is great, the hospital staff where the surgery is performed is good and the anesthesiologist are responsive; I get terrible nausea after surgery and they have either given me a epidural and or incapacitated the target surgery area. In other words, they listen and do their best to get me through the ordeal of being put under. Of course this time I had to endure feeling as though I had a link sausage hanging from my shoulder socket for about 12 hours but it was worth it to avoid having to go to the ER because of severe vomiting. Back to Dr. Youm, he gets me. He knows that I'm a type A who must play tennis to exhaustion on hard courts or carry heavy shopping up my five flights or run for every light or push push push myself beyond my physical limits. So with all due respect to my friends who insist on my trying their surgeons I say Nope. Not while I have Dr. Youm as my option.

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