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  • What Is Iliopsoas Bursitis?

    Iliopsoas bursitis, also called hip bursitis, is inflammation of the iliopsoas bursa. This bursa is a large fluid-filled sac found under the iliopsoas muscle, which supports hip movement. The iliopsoas bursa provides cushion for tendons, ligaments, and muscles to prevent friction during movement.

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  • Radial Head Elbow Fracture Treatment, Recovery Time, and More

    Radial head fractures are often caused by a fall onto an outstretched hand. They are most common in two groups of patients: elderly women with osteoporosis or young men as a result of significant trauma. This article discusses radial head fractures, what they are, and how they are treated. It also goes over the average recovery time for this type of injury.

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  • Early-Stage Toenail Fungus Symptoms and Treatment

    If your toenail has recently become thickened and discolored, you may be dealing with a fungal infection known as onychomycosis. You are not alone—this has been found to affect about 14% of people.1 You may first notice the edge of the nail looking thicker and more brittle before it spreads to the rest of the nail.

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  • Obesity associated with increased complications after arthroscopic rotator cuff repair

    Despite similar pain and function scores, patients who were obese and underwent arthroscopic rotator cuff repair had increased rates of complications, readmissions and reoperations vs. non-obese patients, published results showed.

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  • Should You Worry About Joints Cracking or Popping?

    Cracking and popping joints, medically known as crepitus, are normal. Joints are points in your body where two bones meet. You might occasionally hear your knees popping or notice your back or bones crack as you move them.

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